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Psychology PowerPoint Template With Brain Puzzle Animations

One of the subjects which lack good PowerPoint templates is psychology. Most templates simply show a silhouette of a head with cogs inside it. Such slide designs are of little help for a psychology student, as PowerPoint backgrounds like these offer little to no help in making the presentation content attractive.

Animated Climbing The Mountain PowerPoint Templates

Climbing a mountain is often symbolic for success, motivation, achieving targets and doing the impossible. If you need a good template to present the aforementioned or wish to make a slide deck about mountain climbing, here are a few very handy Climbing The Mountain PowerPoint Templates.

Sinking in Water Animations For PowerPoint

When it comes to showing a sense of alarm or depicting a bad situation, the concept of sinking comes to mind. You can incorporate this theme in your slides with the help of illustrations and animations to make a solid impact on your audience. Here are various sinking in water animations for PowerPoint that can …

Animated Thief PowerPoint Templates

Want to make a presentation about organized crime or espionage? We have just the templates that can get you started with your pursuit of crime themed presentations! See our collection of Animated Thief PowerPoint Templates given below to steal the show at your next presentation.

Organize Your Desk Animated PowerPoint Template

If you want to make slides using unconventional out of the box thinking, then it might suit you to use layouts that have more realistic graphics. With such layouts you can aim to give an informal feel to your presentation and try to reach out to your audience on a personal level.

Animated Autumn Wind PowerPoint Template

Various festivals are celebrated during the fall season around the world. The most notable are Halloween and Thanksgiving. To commemorate various types of fall and harvesting festivals or to simply make a presentation about Autumn, we have an animated presentation template that you can use.

Animated Umbrella Protection PowerPoint Template

Some topics are a bit too complex and can have many sub-topics. Such topics need to be covered under an umbrella of a primary topic. Umbrellas are also symbolic for safety, social security, safety nets, insurance, social planning, etc. The Animated Umbrella Protection PowerPoint Template can help you cover such topics and more.

Animated World Grid PowerPoint Template

We have previously reviewed a number of globe and earth themed animated templates like the World Communication PowerPoint Template and Solar System PowerPoint Template. World Grid PowerPoint Template contains a video background of the Earth rotating on its axis, with the sun and stars in the backdrop.

Global Stance Business PowerPoint Template

Global Stance PowerPoint Template by Presenter Media is an all-in-one presentation template which is perfect for making business presentations.

Make Better PowerPoint Presentations With SketchBubble

When hunting for a good presentation template, one comes across a plethora of links online. Many of the available templates usually come with a handful of sample slides with generic content. A template can look very attractive, until you start making your presentation and realize that the background is just too overpowering for your content. This is …