Keynote Presentations

Animated Fishbone PowerPoint Template

A Fishbone Diagram, is used for identifying cause and effect relationships. Also called an Ishikawa diagram, you might require using one to identify and determine causes related to a problem. Constructing a Fishbone diagram without a good PowerPoint template can be nothing short of a nightmare. However, what can make your presentation even more attractive …

Animated Funnel Diagrams PowerPoint Template

Funnel Diagrams are important for depicting sales related information such as the stages in a sales process. The Animated Funnel Diagrams PowerPoint Template provides a set of various animated PowerPoint slides with innovative layouts which you can customize for making funnel diagrams.

Interactive Road PowerPoint Template With Animated Timeline

The Road Destination Interactive PowerPoint Template is an animated template with sequential slides which show a ball marker sliding down the road, going through various pit stops (slides) finally arriving at a set destination.

Animated Outer Space PowerPoint Templates

Want to talk about the moon landing in your next academic presentation or present theories regarding space travel? Check out the Animated Outer Space PowerPoint Templates listed below to create presentations related to outer space using animated video backgrounds.

Animated Moonlight PowerPoint Templates

Moonlight background design provides a subtle, relaxing feeling which can help leave a refreshing and positive psychological impact on your audience. Moonlight and sea themed presentation templates can be used for various types of topics, such as ones related to navigation, sea, history, geography, the environment, marine life, etc.

Animated City PowerPoint Templates

City themed templates are quite often used for subjects related to business, architecture, engineering, construction, progress, financial assessments, etc. Instead of using static city templates with a limited number of sample layouts, you can opt for animated templates that are more dynamic and can provide better options for making more meaningful presentations.