Animated Ready To Launch PowerPoint Template

Last updated on November 14th, 2023

Ready to launch a new venture, product, financial quarter or project? Why not present your launch in style? The Ready To Launch PowerPoint Template depicts a stick figure launching himself using a sling shot. This animated template for PowerPoint with slingshot graphics contains various interesting animated slides, which you can edit to create amazing presentations to impress your audience.

Animated Ready To Launch PowerPoint Template

Make Use of Interesting Clipart, Charts, Picture Slides and More

This Ready To Launch PowerPoint PowerPoint Template comes laden with interesting slide layouts including editable charts, picture slides, clipart slides with images you can copy across slides and more.

ready to launch clipart images

The Product Launch template for PowerPoint presentations contains as many as 17 slides with animated content that plays out with added text and images. In other words, just add text and images to the slides and they will play with the pre-rendered animations when you switch to SlideShow mode.

ready to launch chart

Create Attractive Product Launch PowerPoint and Keynote Presentations

The 17-slide product launch template with animations has been crafted in such a manner that making use of the given sample slides is a piece of cake. You can even mix and mash content from multiple slides to create attractive presentations for your own topics with little effort. This template can be downloaded in Standard and Widescreen layouts and is available for:

  • PowerPoint (Windows and Mac)
  • Keynote (iPad app and Mac OS)

You can use the product launch PowerPoint template to prepare presentations on product development and business ideas and then use the timeline slide design or roadmap to present the product launch.

Go to Presenter Media – Ready To Launch Template (Standard)

Go to Presenter Media – Ready To Launch Template (Widescreen)

Ready to launch picture slide

Ready To Launch Video Animation

You can also download the Ready To Launch Video Animation in PowerPoint or video format. This animation can be either downloaded as a PPTX file and edited in PowerPoint or you can download it in a preferred video format.

ready to launch pptx video animation

The available video formats in which you can download this animation includes FLV, MOV and WMV. This animation is the same as the one available in the opening slide of the above mentioned template. The animation shows a stick figure launching itself from a sling shot.

Go to Presenter Media – Ready To Launch Video Animation

ready to launch wmv video animation

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