Animated Urban Info PowerPoint Template

Urban themed presentation templates are all too common nowadays as they provide city landscape and building illustrations that are suitable backgrounds for presentations about business, city life, real estate, etc. This kind of templates are most suitable for people engaged in various professions, who might require presenting presentations before clients and senior management.

[Infographic] Fun Ways Kids Can Learn to Code

The following infographic presents fun ways kids can learn to code. Children need to learn reading, writing, Maths, etc. but some new trends and computer science experts understand that Coding should be a “must learn” skill. This infographic summarizes some of the most fun ways kids can learn to code, either using toys, games or other ways for parent to help their children …

Animated Meter PowerPoint Templates For Presentation Dashboards

Presentation dashboards are a convenient way of presenting different types of information in a cohesive manner. This especially includes statistical data represented in the form of charts, tables and infographics. In a previous post we brought you a list of High Quality Dashboard PowerPoint Templates; this time around we have three fine looking dashboard templates …