Animated Space PowerPoint Template

In schools, teachers often require showing children models of the solar system or space related diagrams. I still remember how we had a project where we were to design space themed models including; the Milky Way, moon and the solar system. Space Calculations is an animated space PowerPoint template which gives infographic like slides, which among other uses, can be used for making custom space themed diagrams, educational slides and PowerPoint storyboards.

Animated space PowerPoint template

Create Space Themed Presentations

This animated template can be a perfect match for any space themed presentation. The editable layouts give a lot of options for making custom diagrams, educational illustrations with your custom text and general slides where you might need to explain specific concepts. Other than educational purposes, you can also use this animated template for making presentations for space themed webinars and events.

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Rocket infographic for PowerPoint

Infographic Slides Depicting the Solar System & Moon

This template has an abundance of slides depicting the solar system and moon with different layouts. This can help you create a number of slides with your custom content to explain the solar system, moon landing, moon cycles and other topics.

Moon diagram for PowerPoint

Add, Remove and Customize Slide Objects

You can easily add or remove slide elements, as well as recolor them or use your mouse to drag them around to create custom illustrations from sample slides. With the ability to edit each slide object separately, the customization options for making your own slide designs is endless.

Customize space themed slides

Space Clipart Images

While you can always copy individual slide objects from sample slides, there are also exclusive clipart slides with handy space clipart images for you to choose from. These images can be handy in making your custom diagrams and models.

Space clipart for PowerPoint slides

This animated space PowerPoint template has two editions, Widescreen and Standard.

Go to Presenter Media – Animated Space Calculations PowerPoint Template (Standard)

Go to Presenter Media – Animated Space Calculations PowerPoint Template (Widescreen)

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