Animated Megaphone PowerPoint Template

Sometimes there are presentations which are meant to allow people to express an opinion or to make an important announcement. This kind of presentation requires the audience to pay special attention to the message being delivered. Unfortunately, many presenters make the mistake of using default PowerPoint themes which end up boring the audience to death. For presentations with a broadcast or communication theme, you need a slide deck which goes with your message.

Megaphone illustrations for PowerPoint

General-Purpose Broadcast & Communication Template for PowerPoint

The Animated Megaphone PowerPoint Template provides illustrations which are suitable for making presentations about topics like communication, broadcast, social issues, etc. You can also use this PowerPoint template for making a slide deck with important announcements or to broadcast your presentation during webinars.

Broadcast illustrations

Highlight your Message using Animated Slides

Not only does this template provide layouts which can help gain the attention of your audience but also gives layouts which load in animated form to help better highlight your message. The megaphone illustrations automatically act as a visual message for your audience to consider the slides as a message being broadcasted or an important piece of information being communicated. This is primarily due to the megaphone imagery, as a megaphone is the kind of communication device which is meant to make people be more attentive.

Megaphone comparison slide

Infographic Slide Layouts

The slides in this template can be easily used for making infographics. There are various sample slides which can be customized for this purpose with little effort. The slide below, for instance, comes with movable puzzle pieces and sample (replaceable) icons which can help you fashion an infographic.

Animated megaphone slide

Similarly, the slide shown below can be labeled to create an infographic. You can even move or remove the sample icons, add text-boxes and recolor slide elements.

Infographic slide layout with megaphone

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