Animated Urban Info PowerPoint Template

Urban themed presentation templates are all too common nowadays as they provide city landscape and building illustrations that are suitable backgrounds for presentations about business, city life, real estate, etc. This kind of templates are most suitable for people engaged in various professions, who might require presenting presentations before clients and senior management.

Urban landscape Illustrations with Static and Animated Slides

The Animated Urban Info PowerPoint Template provides city landscape illustrations with charts, infographic and series slides; suitable for presenting different kinds of content with visually appealing slide designs. The template has a mixture of animated and static slides which you can use according to need. You can not only create a fully animated presentation but also mix static slides with animated ones to create a unique blend of presentation slides.

Animated urban info PowerPoint template

Series Slides for Making Lists, Timelines and Roadmaps

With the series slides in this template you can create timelines, roadmaps and bullet lists. These series slides are available in both static and animated format. The latter pushes the next slide in view when you switch slides, making them ideal for creating timelines and other types of series slides.

Series slides with city landscape

Horizontal and Vertical Charts

The template contains innovative chart slides which appear as colorful lines over the city landscape. There are vertical and horizontal chart slides which can be edited using PowerPoint Drawing tools to reveal your own statistics. Moreover, you can also recolor sample charts, as well as the various backgrounds and placeholders in this template. Some slides come with tooltips to give presenters some idea as to how this can be done. However, the customization is really easy to perform as even the city landscape illustrations can be selected for editing.

Chart slides with city landscape background design

Sunset and Night Sky Illustrations

There are also illustrations of city landscape with sunset and night sky backgrounds which are elegant enough to instantly grab the viewer’s attention.

Night landscape

These backgrounds come in the form of general content and series slides. You can also duplicate these slides according to need.

Sunset slide design

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