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Free PowerPoint resources, tools, add-ins and templates. This section lists all that is free and available for unrestricted use for PowerPoint. Be it PowerPoint Online or offline tools, tips and applications, you can find a range of useful posts to enhance your productivity and make better use of PowerPoint than you ever have before.

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3D Compass PowerPoint Template


It’s easy to lose direction when you are having a difficult time creating your presentation. If you are involved in nautical works, cartography, travel, and tourism, you may often find yourself needing to create a presentation for your colleagues, employees, bosses, customers, or for any other type of audience. In this case, you would need …

Nightfall PowerPoint Template


Dark doesn’t have to be dull, nor somber. Dark-colored PowerPoint presentations offer an air of mystery and sophistication. Add geometric lines and you have something modern, powerful, and eye-catching.

Caption PowerPoint Template with Recolored Pictures


An effective PowerPoint presentation uses less words and more visuals in order to make each slide more interesting to the audience. People retain more information when they have visual data, rather than long bodies or blocks of text. You can make your presentations brief with pictures telling the story and with just a little caption for …

PowerPoint Labs: Highlight Slide Content Using Spotlight & Animations

Slides that are text heavy or come with convoluted diagrams can be very difficult to present. Making your audience focus on a small detail on a slide filled with content isn’t easy and that can often lead to the audience losing interest in your presentation. PowerPoint Labs is a handy add-in for PowerPoint that can …

Google Drive Plug-in Lets You Save Files in Word, Excel & PowerPoint

Google Drive might be a direct competitor to Microsoft’s Office suite, however, even Google knows the value of Office apps. In a brilliant move for extending the functionality of Google’s very own Office suite, the Google Drive Plug-in for Microsoft Office has been released. This free plug-in allows users to open, edit and save Google …

Create Online Lessons With Videos, Apps And Quizzes With Office Mix

Making tutorials for educational purposes isn’t all that cheap, especially if you are not looking to make a profit out of your videos and require them for your students. A relatively easy, if not cheap method for making tutorials with voice over, cam input and PowerPoint slides has been the Camtasia Studio add-in. However, Microsoft …

Use Microsoft Office Templates From A Browser With Office Online

A while back Microsoft launched the Office Online service which enabled users to login with a Microsoft account to use the basic features of major MS Office Apps from within an internet browser. This service was meant to perhaps counter the growing popularity of Google Drive, as users with a Microsoft account could use famous …

Control Slide Time Display Efficiently With PowerPoint Timeline Control

PowerPoint Timeline Control is a free add-in for PowerPoint 2010 which provides convenient options for controlling the display time of each slide, even when PowerPoint may be paused or stopped. The purpose of this add-in is to provide a reminder for the remaining time before a slide is to be switched and to help you …

SundayStar: Start Multiple Slideshows On The Same Monitor Simultaneously

SundayStar is a PowerPoint add-in by OfficeOne which supports multi-monitor configuration for presentations. With this add-in you can start multiple slide shows on the same monitor simultaneously, where each slide show can be played via a keyboard shortcut.

Using PowerPoint Online to Make Presentations for Free

Using SkyDrive and web based PowerPoint you can make and share PowerPoint presentations online. The good thing about using web based PowerPoint is that you can alse create and edit PowerPoint presentations and you don’t need a license or are key to use it. It is free! All you need is a Hotmail account or …

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