3D Compass PowerPoint Template

Last updated on December 14th, 2023

It’s easy to lose direction when you are having a difficult time creating your presentation. If you are involved in nautical works, cartography, travel, and tourism, you may often find yourself needing to create a presentation for your colleagues, employees, bosses, customers, or for any other type of audience. In this case, you would need a presentation that has a theme that complements your industry or topic.

Have Direction with a Compass Slide

The 3D Compass PowerPoint Template is a nautical-inspired presentation template that can allow you to tie in your theme or industry to your presentation. This free template for PowerPoint features an image of a compass, complete with bevel and shadow effects.

Have Direction with a Compass Slide

It also has a light, gradient blue and white background to allow the 3D compass as well as your content to easily stand out. With this free 3D Compass template you can easily create professional-looking presentations anytime you need one.

To create your very own presentation, just click on Slides on the Home Menu, and from there click on New Slide. A set of differently designed slide layouts will appear to allow you to create different slides for different content.


Never be off course with this 3D Compass Template

Of course, presentations have to have some form of variety even if they are required to look uniform and be professional and well done. You can add variety by choosing the different slide layouts depending on your content, whether they are text, bulleted or numbered lists, image comparisons, images, tables, charts, graphs, etc. There are also blank slides to allow you to have free reign on how you want your slides to look.


This 3D Compass PowerPoint Template can be used with PowerPoint 2013 and older versions. Furthermore, you can use this template to have a go-to template handy whenever you need to create quick presentations. Just upload it to your OneDrive account.

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