Free Printable Body Mass Index Chart

A Body Mass Index Chart is a very useful tool if you need to visualize & analyze the underweight, healthy weight, overweight, and obesity of a person based on his height. Here you can get access to a simple BMI Chart template created in Google Sheets. You can use this template to print a Body Mass Index chart. This BMI Chart is free for personal and commercial use.

Free BMI Chart Table template (printable)

The BMI Chart can be used to to determine the body weight compared to a person’s height and understand if the height and weight relationship is between healthy parameters. Excessive weight is undesirable because it can produce health risks or produce serious diseases like cardiovascular (heart) diseases. There are three popular formulas to calculate the ideal weight: Devine, Robinson and Miller formulas.

The following formulas are being used to calculate the Body Mass Index. It varies depending on the units and metrics to be used.

For Metrics Units.

BMI is calculated as BMI = Weight / ( Height * Height )
where weight is in kg and height in meters.

For Imperial Units.

BMI is calculated as BMI = Weight / ( Height * Height ) * 703
where weight is in lb. and height in inches.

In order to print the BMI chart, click the link below. This will open the spreadsheet in Google Sheets and then look for File -> Print option and choose Landscape to print.

Click Here to Download this template.

There are other variants of this BMI Chart table and useful tools to keep track of the weight and body mass index, for instance the anorexic BMI Calculator, weight charts for boy between 2 and 20 years or weight chart for girl between age 2 and 20.

Disclaimer. Use this body mass chart with caution. All the information on this page is presented for educational purposes only and should be used as a guide.

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