Exercise Activity Tracker Template For Excel

Last updated on May 5th, 2024

Keeping fit and healthy has plenty of benefits. The effort it takes to ensure that you are eating right and staying active far outweighs the risks and diseases caused by living a sedentary lifestyle. Besides, engaging in activities such as sports, jogging, and hiking allows you to spend time outdoors with friends and your environment and to help you keep tabs on your activities and find out just how many calories you burn with every move.

Activity tracker Excel template

Keep Up and Keep Fit

With this Exercise Activity Tracker Template for Excel, you can log your activities, the durations of each, and the calories burned. All the formula are preset so you don’t have to spend a lot of time sitting around and calculating for the figures. Simply input the needed information in various parts of the tracker template and see everything become automatically calculated.

The template is divided into two: the sidebar and the main table. The sidebar is in red and charcoal gray, allowing you a peek into the summary of your activities. You can record multiple activities such as swimming, jogging, trekking, walking, and more. The template has up to five activities on the sidebar but you can add or delete activities depending on your own preference and lifestyle. This sidebar even has an automatic calculator for the total number of calories you have burned in all your activities.

Activity tracker Excel template

Record Your Activities and Be On-The-Go

The table is where you can type in your details to record your activities. This table is divided into columns for Date, Activity, Start Time, Duration, Total, Unit, Calories, and Notes for any descriptions or remarks. With this format, you can know how long each activity needs to be done to come up with how many calories you want to burn. It also gives you a picture of how active you have been within a given period of time.

A special feature of this exercise activity tracker template is a bar that goes across the top of the table. This bar graph shows how many calories you have burned against your goal. It uses a visual bar graph with various colors to serve as legends or markers for any specific activity. This easily shows you how much each distinct activity contributes to your weight loss and fitness regime.

Activity tracker Excel template
Activity tracker Excel template

Go to Exercise Activity Tracker Template for Excel – Unfortunately, this template is no longer available in Office.com, but you can still download free tracker templates for Excel & PowerPoint.

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