How To Create And Track Your Fitness Plan With Excel Online

Through the decades, there have been many diets and fitness routines that have come and gone. However, they all tell us the same basic principles of good health: eating right, eating in moderation, and physical activity. It is always important to have a goal in mind and to motivate yourself to a better, healthier you. 

Record Your Information and Track Your Fitness Progress

In this article, we will show you how to create and track your fitness plan with Excel Online. We are featuring a free Excel template that you can open on a browser of any computer or device. Simply log in your Microsoft account to access this open source template. You also have a choice to save the template to your computer and modify it from there.

Be Fit and Stay Fit

This Fitness Planner and Tracker Template for Excel Online is designed specifically for health and fitness. It is full of features that allow you to keep track of various parts of your body, as well as the physical activities you do and the food that you eat. This Excel template contains three worksheet tabs: Fitness Plan, Activity Log and Food Log.

Keep Track of Your Physical Activities and Push Yourself to Do More

Your Roadmap to Great Health

The Fitness Plan is where you type in your personal information such as gender, age, height, Body Mass Index (BMI). You can also set here the unit of measurement you want to use and it will automatically be updated within the whole spreadsheet.  This part contains the starting statistics of your body, such as weight, waist size, hips size, and thigh size, to name some. This portion also shows a visual representation of your progress to further help you assess how well you are doing and if you are sticking to your plan.

The second tab is the Activity Log. Here you can log the activities you have been involved in, such as biking, jogging, walking, and more. The table shows the date of the activity, start and duration, distance, and most importantly, the number of calories you have burned. Lastly, the Food Log shows the type of food you have eaten, which meals, as well as dietary information. You can record here how much your intake is of calories, fat, cholesterol, sodium, sugar, and other details.

See If You Are Eating Healthy With The Food Log

This template is a handy tool for those needing to keep track of their health, eating habits, blood pressure, blood sugar, cholesterol levels, and more.

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