Best Q&A Presentation Tools for Presenters

Preparing for a presentation can at times be half the battle for a presenter, since a bad Q&A session can undermine a good PowerPoint presentation. This is why it is imperative to ensure that a presenter has all the necessary tools to make the most out of a Q&A session to score some marks before an audience. And these tools aren’t just limited to public speaking skills. In this post we will provide you with an overview of the best Q&A presentation tools for presenters and how they can make your Q&A session more fruitful.

1. Hypersay

Hypersay is a presentation tool which can be used to upload and present PowerPoint and Google Slides presentations. With Hypersay you can present your slides Live via the Internet, interact through polls, quizzes and surveys with your audience, as well as get analytics for your feedback sessions. Learn more about Hypersay.


2. Meeting Pulse

Meeting Pulse is a feedback platform which can be used by presenters to engage their audience. Meeting Pulse provides options for gathering audience feedback through surveys, polls, raffles and Live Q&A sessions. This presentation tool can also be used for engaging teams, reaching out to a remote audience and to gather audience feedback before and after a presentation or meeting session.

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meeting pulse

3. Vevox

Vevox is a polling tool which also comes with a PowerPoint add-in to integrate the service in your presentation. Vevox is great for making polling slides for instant feedback from your audience during a Live presentation session. The free account of Vevox is limited to 1500 participants but provides session analytics which can be quite handy for presenters.

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4. Pubble

If you want to highlight your brand by conducting Live Q&A events via your website, Pubble can be a great option for you. The service allows making a Live Q&A session powerful by integrating polling via the organization or individual’s website. You can also use Pubble for free if you’re a non-profit organization or wish to use some limited features of the web app.

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5. Presentain

Presentain provides a comprehensive feedback mechanism by allowing presenters to Live stream their slides like the Office Presentation Service. It also offers feedback options to help them instantly gather information and understand the perspective of the audience. Learn more about Presentain.


6. PollEverywhere

PollEverywhere is an audience feedback tool with PowerPoint, Google Slide and Keynote integration. You can create polls, surveys, multiple choice questions and quizzes, your audience can poll via online results and you can also download poll results as PowerPoint slides. Learn more about PollEverywhere.


Recommended template: To prepare quizzes, we recommend to download the free Quiz PowerPoint template.

7. Mentimeter

If you are looking for an advanced audience response system, Mentimeter might just be the right tool for you. You can create and conduct polls online with Mentimeter and make use of a range of handy polling options to engage your audience using polls, dual axis, scales, open ended questions, etc. Learn more about Mentimeter.

mentimeter web app

8. Participoll

Presenters can encourage their audience to give anonymous feedback for better audience engagement. Participoll is an add-in which integrates such an option in PowerPoint. You can also use the tool for your Q&A sessions by allowing audience to leave comments and questions for you to instantly access and respond to during a Live presentation. Learn more about Participoll.

participoll interface

9. Polly

Polly is a software for conducting surveys and to measure your critical workflows. Polly allows integrating a feedback mechanism in various handy applications such as Slack, Hangouts and Microsoft Teams. Furthermore, Polly is also available for GSuite. Learn more about using Polly for Live results for a Q&A session or presentation.


10. ClickAPad

ClickAPad is an audience polling system which enables the audience to respond to polls using clickers. You can acquire clickers and software from the developer and use the mechanism in meetings, AGMs, workshops, trainings, etc.

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The type of audience response system, app or add-in you use will depend on your presentation needs. You can explore the above mentioned options to pick and choose the mechanism that best matches your Q&A or feedback needs.

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