Create Instant Polls with Live Results with Polly

Polls and surveys allow you to get the pulse of the people. The information you gather from polls give you insight that you wouldn’t get any other way. This is why many people use polls, from websites to articles, to presentations and actual interviewing. Data from these activities are invaluable in product development, decision-making, and policy interventions. Or you can just get a feel of what your friends want. It’s all up to you. So, if you’re one of those who always use polls, then you’d find the Polly web service of great help. Best of all, it’s fun for creating instant polls with Live results.

Create Instant Polls with Live Results with Polly

Create Powerful Polls with Polly

The Polly add-in is a simple and easy-to-use poll and survey tool that also works with Microsoft Teams. Anyone can create polls quickly and see the results show in real-time with Polly through your Teams channel. This polling solution has been widely used alongside many other platforms, and now, it can supercharge your polls in Teams.

With Polly, it’s not only you who can create polls, but everyone in your team. Everyone is empowered to create powerful polls that seamlessly integrate into Microsoft Teams. Then, respondents can, in turn, quickly and easily participate. Their votes and comments automatically appear in real-time, allowing you to be on top of what your audience has to say about a particular topic, event, or idea.

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Enjoy More Features to Your Polling Solution

You can anonymously create polls, enable multiple admin functions and permissions, as well as enable comments. Furthermore, having Polly for Teams allows maximum participation, which not a lot of polling solutions have. With Polly, you can see an increase in participation compared to email surveys or web-based polls.

Polling results from Polly can easily be viewed with just a click of a button. And if you need your past polls for reference, you can view them and get valuable insights from these past surveys as well.

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Schedule Polls and Gather Data Regularly

Aside from these functions, Polly also has a schedule function, allowing you to create polls and schedule them whenever you want. You can also create and send out recurring surveys for periodic data-gathering. One great example is quarterly customer service evaluations, where you can author a survey form and then send them out to your customers periodically to get a better feel of how your customers feel within given periods of time.

For users, creating polls with Polly is easy. The interface is simple and easy to work with, so you don’t have to learn a new application or even sign up for a service. Polly is free and requires no obligations.

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For respondents, whether they are your potential clients, existing customers, employees, or just the general public, gathering data from them is easy. Polly is designed specifically to be frictionless and hassle-free for your target audience to understand and therefore complete. The interface is clear and clean, so answering the polls, whether it takes 2 minutes or 2 hours, will feel like a breeze.

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