RSVP Cards Maker Template For Word


In this digital, fast-paced world of social media, instant messages, text messaging, and many other communication platforms, many say that RSVP is already obsolete. However, many people still believe that RSVPs are important in many special and big events to inform hosts who are attending. It is only proper courtesy for guests to let the …

Spring Flyer Template For PowerPoint Online

Beautiful Floral Design for Elegant Event Flyers

There will be instances and occasions when you would need floral themed templates so it’s easier for you to create flyers and posters for springtime events. These templates allow you to cut down on time compared to creating designs from scratch. This way, you can focus more on ensuring that your events will go smoothly and …

How To Create Stylish Photo Cards For Events Using PowerPoint

Elegant and Festive Photo Card Templates

When it comes to special events, hosts go to great lengths to make sure that guests will have the time of their lives. And of course, such events need souvenirs to remind the guests of how much fun they had. Whether it is a birthday, Thanksgiving Dinner, Christmas party, anniversary celebration, trade event, or even …

Free Event Budget Template For Excel 2013

Create a Budget for Your Event

Effective and efficient event management means that an event is on schedule and within budget, among other things. Successful events have a lot of careful planning behind them, and one of the most important resource, the finances, needs adequate budget.

Free Event Planning Tracker Template For Excel

Covers All Phases of Event Planning

For any event, big or small, to be successful, careful and thorough planning is essential. You have to pool all the necessary manpower and resources and direct them according to your plan. Good event planning consists of progressive phases and detailed costing. The Free Event Planning Tracker Template for Excel helps you create a smooth, …

Free Event Program Template For Word

Two-fold Event Program Template

Event planning can be challenging. There’s the budget, schedule, activities, and all the other preparations for the big day itself. The Microsoft Office portal has a collection of Word, Excel and PowerPoint templates that can help make any event successful. One such template is the Event Program Template. This Free Event Program Template for Word …

Free Event Schedule Tracker Template For Word 2013

Conveniently Record and View Your Plan

Big or small, events can tend to be nerve-wracking and everything must go smoothly. Careful planning is always a must. Each step must be thoughtfully and thoroughly mapped out to ensure a good flow and so that things go as planned. 

Free Event Postcard Template For Word

Customizable Event Template

Event postcards are an eye-catching, economical and effective way to announce any happening or occasion. An event postcard can be used to announce an upcoming promo or sale, a store opening, a charity ball, fundraising event, a convention, and so much more. These event postcards also serve like an invitation to guests.

Baby Shower Planner Template for Excel 2013


Planning and throwing a baby shower is so exciting. It celebrates the arrival of a new life and honors the mother for her courage and sacrifice to bring a special baby into the world. You may have so many baby shower ideas in your mind. The next thing you know, you are in a limbo. …

Free Fundraising Event Template for Excel 2013

If you need a spreadsheet to keep track of all your incoming donations and received charity contributions, then you can use this free donation tracker or fundraising event tracker spreadsheet. It is a free template for Excel 2013 that you can download to organize a fundraising event with this budget template. You can download and …