Baby Shower Planner Template for Excel

Last updated on May 5th, 2024

Planning and throwing a baby shower is so exciting. It celebrates the arrival of a new life and honors the mother for her courage and sacrifice to bring a special baby into the world. You may have so many baby shower ideas in your mind. The next thing you know, you are in a limbo. How are you going to keep track of guests, food, and everything else without getting stressed?

How are you going to keep everything organized and right on schedule? Worry no more. The Baby Shower Planner Template for Excel may just be the perfect planning tool for you.

Baby Shower Planner Template for Excel

Keep Track Of Your Guests, Shopping List And Schedule

From start to finish, you and the expectant mother can enjoy the baby shower without forgetting a thing with this free Baby Shower Planner Template.

The Baby Shower Planner Template is a free Excel 2013 template that can help you in planning and organizing the perfect baby shower. The template is designed to be very user-friendly and helpful in keeping track of your guests, schedule and shopping lists. With the Baby Shower Planner Template, you can be sure that you will not miss or forget any important detail.

Baby Shower Planner Template for Excel

Highly Customizable Template That Can Fulfill All Your Planning Needs

The template can be modified to customize depending on the theme and motif that you want for the baby shower. The template design is in green, which is neutral for a baby boy or girl but the color can be changed for the expectant mom’s baby.

The Shopping List in the Baby Shower Planner Template also displays categories such as Food/Drinks, Decorations and Other Supplies and automatically displays the total costs for each of these categories. The overall total is also displayed and is automatically updated to show if you are within budget.

Baby Shower Planner Template for Excel

The Schedule example in the template also gives you an idea on how to plan out your activities prior to the baby shower. It includes Notes where you can write your comments or reminders for each activity schedule.

You can go to to download this handy and free Baby Shower Planner Template for Excel 2013.

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