Happy Birthday Banner PowerPoint Template

Birthdays, from those of little children to that of the elderly, are all worth celebrating. It not only marks a milestone in life but it is a celebration of life itself. So whether you are planning a big bash or a grand dinner to celebrate the birthday of a friend, colleague, family member or loved one, you can be sure that they will fee extra special with this Happy Birthday Banner PowerPoint Template.


This Happy Birthday Banner PowerPoint Template is a professionally designed birthday banner template that takes your “Happy Birthday” greeting to the next level. It features huge letters on each slide. The letters each have birthday-themed background illustrations such as presents, candles, balloons, and cupcakes. These illustrations are in various colors such as blue, green, purple, and red.

Specially Designed for Banners

The slides of this banner PowerPoint template are specially sized to be printer-friendly so as to completely and uniformly show the letters and the backgrounds.

You can also customize the banner template however you wish. You can select the same slide designs from a selection of six slide styles. You can choose to use only the balloon illustrations and just retain the same background color or use different colors. You also have the option to use all the slide designs and mix and match them depending on your party or event theme.


Because of this template’s versatility, you can also use this template for anniversaries, soft openings, store openings, graduation parties, and many other celebrations. Whether you are a professional event planner or just want to add oomph to any party, you can be sure that you create a festive and beautiful banner each time you use this template.

Professional and Collaborative

What’s more: this template is in PowerPoint Online, making it perfect for creating banners anytime, such as in surprise parties or an instant celebration of an unexpected achievement. Simply open a browser, log into your Microsoft account, and access this template. You can do this using any computer or mobile device such as smartphone or tablet.


You can also easily plan a birthday bash or any other event with other people because this template makes it easy for you to work remotely yet together on a banner.

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