RSVP Cards Maker Template For Word

In this digital, fast-paced world of social media, instant messages, text messaging, and many other communication platforms, many say that RSVP is already obsolete. However, many people still believe that RSVPs are important in many special and big events to inform hosts who are attending. It is only proper courtesy for guests to let the host know about their attendance.


RSVPs also play an important role in event planning or event management, so organizers or the hosts themselves can better plan the event with a finalized and firm guest list. So if you are organizing an event, the RSVP Cards Maker Template for Word will help you ensure that you get responses to your invitations.

This RSVP Cards Maker Template for Word is another event template from Microsoft that you can use for many formal events such as weddings, fundraisers, anniversaries, and many others. This card template features a Watercolor design that is part of the Watercolor template set that also contains invitations. Use them together and you will have a cohesive, themed template for many types of events, even for any season.


However, if you already have or have decided to use your own invitation design, this RSVP card template is still handy. The template economically prints cards two on every standard letter-sized page. With this, you can print as many as you want depending on your invitation quantities.

The template features an elegant, bright, and colorful watercolor style image of flowers, on a white background. The text is also elegant and complements each other. To customize the template, you can format the picture, or even exchange the sample image with your own, to match your already existing invitation. You can also change the text to complement the rest of your invitation and event design.


In addition, change the Respond by date to your own event’s RSVP deadline. To include in your invitations, simply cut down the printed RSVP cards to size, and then insert them into your invitation envelopes.

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