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Event planning can be challenging. There’s the budget, schedule, activities, and all the other preparations for the big day itself. The Microsoft Office portal has a collection of Word, Excel and PowerPoint templates that can help make any event successful. One such template is the Event Program Template. This Free Event Program Template for Word helps you create a program booklet for your events, displaying schedules and performance information guides.

Two-fold Event Program Template

Half-Fold Template

The Free Event Program Template is designed and laid out to look appealing and well organized. This template prints on the front and back sides of a letter-size paper (8.5 x 11), and folds in half crosswise, to create a four-page event booklet.

Lets Easily Write Your Event Schedule

The front page shows the title of your event program, which is usually a theme or the name of the event itself. The inside pages or centerfold, contain a Welcome section, and have space allocated for any message or greetings to the guests. The other side of the centerfold contain the event program, which is also a great reference for event tracking as it happens.

The last and back part of the program template shows the names of the Event Committee, the Volunteers, and the Contributors. This last page serve as a credits portion to acknowledge participation in the event.

Easy To Customize and Tweak

You can easily customize this event program template by going to the Format tab in the ribbon and choosing from among the many Quick Styles or creating your own. You can also change the title page image by inserting your own picture in exchange for the microphone image.

Prints on a Letter-Sized Paper

This template is suitable for various formal and informal events such as fundraisers, seminars, recitals, singing events, theater, plays, convention and many more. This template works with MS Word 2007 or later versions.

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