Reviews and tips related to screen capture. Learn about making screencasts and screen capture applications for taking screenshots for PowerPoint presentations, blog posts and official projects.

The screen capture applications mentioned in reviews below enable comprehensively capturing high-quality screenshots, with the option to edit the captured images with elaborate image editing options. Furthermore, the tips given in these posts can help you better understand how to make good use of your screenshots when making presentations and using them in tutorials, office documents and academic reports.

The screen recording applications reviewed in posts below enable recording high-quality videos for personal, academic and commercial purposes. Some apps even provide both screenshot capture and screen recording features.

Record Skype Calls With SuperTinTin

Whether you use Skype for online meetings, remote presentations or personal use, you might want to record Skype calls. This might be to provide a copy of your communication (with a client) to your senior management, to keep a copy of your communication for future reference, or maybe to record precious moments when interacting with loved …

Screen Capture on a PowerPoint inside another Captivate Project

This video (that usually is part of an Adobe eSeminar) will help to answer one of the common questions in Adobe Captivate community. Assuming that now that Presenter doesn’t support embedded Adobe Captivate 5 files (because Presenter hasn’t been updated to AS3) how can I embed Captivate Video Captures, Application Captures, Application Simulations, etc. onto …