6 Best Tools To Record Skype Video Calls

Recording Skype video calls can help keep a copy of official communication for later reference. Some Skype video calls might even be helpful in making video presentations, as some demonstrative procedures could be recorded during a screen sharing session or an online presentation. Even people who use Skype for personal use might want to record their Skype video calls to cherish memorable moments shared with loved ones during a Skype session. Here are 6 best tools to record Skype Video calls, and free screen recorder no watermark that you can use.

Best tools to record Skype video calls

1. SuperTinTin (Windows)

SuperTinTin is a Skype call recording software for Windows which can be used to record Skype video and audio calls, including 10-way group chat sessions. SuperTinTin provides seamless call recording for Skype calls, regardless of whether the Skype window is minimized, maximized, moved or even closed. SuperTinTin Skype video recorder saves a copy of your call recordings in MP4 format. You can play these calls anytime using a media player. The recordings are automatically saved to a folder created by SuperTinTin. You can open this folder by right-clicking a recorded session to open the source folder.

SuperTinTin also enables picking out what to record. For example, you can record both local and remote webcams or choose to record only video from local or remote webcam. You can find out how to record Skype calls from our review of SuperTinTin.

SuperTinTin is a paid software with a trial version which is limited to 5 minute recordings.

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supertintin skype video recorder

2. eCamm Call Recorder for Skype (Mac)

If you’re a Mac user looking to record Skype calls from Skype for Mac, you can use eCamm Call Recorder. The good things about eCamm Call Recording for Skype is that it supports HD call recordings, which can help use this software for recording official communication. Moreover, eCamm also provides some call editing features, such as the ability to split and convert recordings.

Like SuperTinTin, eCamm also allows choosing whether you want to record video from your own, remote or both webcams. If you want to record video from FaceTime, you can also check out the FaceTime recording app by the same developer. Alternatively, you can use an online website as a video recorder tool.

The eCamm Call Recorder for Skype is a paid software that you can download on a trial basis to try out its features.

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eCamm call recorder for Skype

3. Movavi Screen Recorder (Windows & Mac)

Movavi Screen Recorder is a tool that you can use to capture audio and screen, letting you record your Skype calls, webinars and any calls using any other software. The tool combines screencast and screenshot-taking capability with the addition of handy annotation tools that can help you to capture your webinars, online calls or capture streaming videos and online events with no hassle. If you need to record your Skype calls during a business meeting or online class, the audio recording capabilities of Movavi Screen Recording will let you accomplish this task successfully. Furthermore, the video & audio trimming capabilities will let you edit the recording trimming only the audio that is valuable to you.

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Best Movavi Screen Recorder Tool

4. VodBurner (Windows & Mac)

VodBurner is a Skype call recorder which can be used for video and audio recording for Skype calls. Due to the capability of this software to record high quality video, it can also be used for recording video call sessions which might be later used for professional purposes.

VodBurner gives extensive video recording settings and also allows sending a message to the person at the other end that you’re recording the video. This can help avoid legal problems by informing the one you’re on-call with, regarding your intentions to record the session. This is because not asking for such a permission can get you in legal trouble in some countries.

VodBurner can save videos in MP4 and WMV file format, with the option to record separate files for video from both parties. VodBurner like other tools of its type also supports side-by-side video recording for webcams, as well as the utility to record video from only your or remote camera. VodBurner also allows adding subtitles and background music, which makes it a good tool for recording interviews (e.g. for your YouTube channel). However, it is worth mentioning here that there have been complaints of the application running into issues like crashes or video quality, which despite its capability to record interviews can make it hard to use this app for this very purpose.

VodBurner has a paid and free version. The free version comes with a watermark and less features than the paid edition.

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Using VODBurner to record Skype video

5. Pamela for Skype (Windows)

Pamela for Skype is a call recording software which has numerous versions for recording audio and video calls for Skype. The free versions of Pamela for Skype can be used for recording audio calls up to 15 minutes. The paid editions provide unlimited call recordings, blogging and podcasting features, Skype Voicemail downloads and support to record Skype video calls.

Different editions of the software have different names, for example, there is a Pamela Basic edition, which is free for audio calls up to 15 minutes, Pamela Call Recorder with additional options and a limited free version; as well as a Business and Professional edition which support both video and audio calls. Pamela Professional and Business editions can also be downloaded on a 30-day trial basis.

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Pamela for Skype

6. Evaer (Windows)

Eaver is another very good VOIP recording software for recording Skype calls. This Skype recorder software can not only record Skype video calls and audio sessions but also screen sharing sessions. Like SuperTinTin, Eaver also supports recording for 10-way group calls. Other features of this app allow saving your video messages, and voicemail and preview for video calls during recording sessions. Furthermore, Evaer also supports recording video calls side-by-side, picture-in-picture, and local or remote webcam only sessions. You can also record each participant’s video call in the form of a separate video file.

Evaer is a paid software with a trial version, which comes with limited functionality. Evaer is relatively cheaper than most recommended applications in this list, with a starting price of just $20.

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Our list of the best tools for recording Skype calls mentioned above includes some premium quality tools that can be used to record Skype video and audio calls efficiently. However, before using any of the aforementioned tools for a professional recording session, we would recommend performing a test session to try out the software to ensure that you don’t run into any issues due to compatibility problems with your hardware or any installed software. Furthermore, you might possibly run into some crashes and bugs, which you should watch out for.  If you know of a better software for recording Skype video calls, do share your experience with our readers by leaving a comment below.

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