Take And Save Screenshots Online Or To Personal Server With ScreenSnapr

Taking screenshots is always easy as one can use various free applications or the default Print Screen key from the keyboard. Even Windows 7 has its very own built-in screenshot taking tool known as the “Snipping Tool”. However, when one takes a screenshot it is mainly to add it to a blog, PowerPoint presentation, daily report, etc. Many a times this involves saving the screenshot to a personal server or to an online source. Doing this manually can take an awful amount of time and make your daily tasks laborious. ScreenSnapr is a screenshot taking utility that makes it easy to grab, share and upload screenshots to an online source or personal server.

While we have previously reviewed some very handy applications like Greenshot, Best Free Screen Capturer and SnapCrab, ScreenSnapr arguably makes it more easy to take screenshots and to save them to a preferred source. For example, if you have a personal server from where you add images to your website or blog, you can save your screen grabs to that server to later add them to your blogposts.


To take a screenshot, simply launch ScreenSnapr and hit the Ctrl + 1 hotkey. this will provide you with the option to grab a portion of your desktop (as shown in the below image).

Capture Screenshot

Once your screenshot has been taken, you will get a notification that your screenshot has been uploaded.

Screenshot Uploaded

The link to the screenshot is saved to the clipboard, which means that you can simply paste the link to a browser and see your screenshot. If you have configured a server, it can be saved to your specified location. You can even sign up for a free ScreenSnapr account to save your screenshots online. Furthermore, you can use the given URL to share your screenshot instantly via Facebook, Twitter, an instant messenger and the like.

Shared Screenshot

To see a video demonstration regarding the use of this application, check out the below video.

ScreenSnapr is currently available only for Windows based operating systems, however there is a Mac OS X and Android version due for release in the near future. If you need to download PowerPoint templates for free we recommend to check our website FPPT.com – Additionally, we also suggest to check this great website to make your custom parts online with an Online Machinist tool.

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