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Shielded From Fire Video Animation For PowerPoint

A shield is used as a symbol of protection in different kinds of illustrations. It is also often the default icon for firewall and antivirus software. Shield illustrations and animations can also be helpful in presenting ideas and concepts related to protection, threats, the need for caution, etc. For example, you might want to use …

Free Animated Pictures Fly in Effect PowerPoint Template


Animations will always play a special part in presentations. It’s easy to do wrong, however, so you have to be careful with your choices. But with the right set of animations that matches your theme and topic, you can create compelling PowerPoint presentations that your audience will definitely love.

Ultimate Presentation Slide Bundle For PowerPoint

Regardless of what level of hierarchy you might be at the corporate ladder, the chances are you will be expected to give a presentation at some point in time. This might be anything from a mere overview of your progress on a project to a comprehensive presentation about a financial quarter or perhaps even an …

Animated Business Promotion PowerPoint Template

You might have noticed those flashy billboard signs with large bold text that is big and colorful enough to instantly get noticed. Billboards use the least amount of text, yet can be extremely effective for advertising, since you can present your product or service using a handful of words and usually a single image. Basic …

Breaking News Video Background For PowerPoint

Whether you are someone who works in electronic media or want to make a presentation with a catchy title slide; you can present your topic as a ‘Breaking News’. The word itself has a nice ring to it and a news themed slide can be a good way of instantly grabbing your audience’s attention. The …

Business Currency Design PowerPoint Template


When it comes to business presentations, you have to keep in mind that your theme must look professional, with subtle and complementing elements that do not look gaudy or over-the-top. Your presentation must look good enough but it shouldn’t distract your audience from your important message or from the critical facts in your slides.

Animated City Infographic PowerPoint Template

The Animated City Infographic PowerPoint Template is a city themed template with infographic slides. There are a number of interesting animated layouts which depict buildings, vehicles and city life with placeholders to help you design slides as infographics to represent data and trends.

Painting Picture Of Success Animated PowerPoint Template

A successful presentation is many a times about painting a rosy picture. Even if you do it literally! Painting Picture of Success Animated PowerPoint Template is an interesting template which gives animated paint themed slide layouts for constructing animated slides.

Animated Rent PowerPoint Template

Some topics aren’t very easy to cover in the form of PowerPoint slides and real estate is one of them. This is mainly because there is a lack of good real estate themed templates available, since it’s not a topic as common as education, finance, politics, economics, etc. This is why we brought you a …

Free Business Financial Report PowerPoint Template

Financial reports often require interpretation in the form of a presentation. One might have to present important details about quarterly performance, financial forecasts or other important bits of information regarding the finances of an organization. The Free Business Financial Report PowerPoint Template gives a radiant blue background design with a collection of eight sample slides …

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