Best PowerPoint Templates & Diagrams With Editable Shapes

Many of the fancy looking premium PowerPoint templates that are provided by various developers often make good use of shapes. However, many a times these shapes don’t come in editable form, which makes the utility of these templates quite limited. This includes both premium and free PowerPoint templates which offer diagrams consisting of shapes. We have created a list of some of the Best PowerPoint Templates & Diagrams with Editable Shapes.

These presentation templates have been developed by SlideModel, which provides slide decks with a unique option, i.e. the ability to edit the slide objects and shapes within templates.

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PowerPoint templates wih editable shapes

Triangle Circular Nodes Diagram Template for PowerPoint

This is a cleverly designed template which makes good use of PowerPoint shapes to give elegant diagram slides with circular nodes. With editable objects, the template gives diagram slides with replaceable icons. You can also change the color of the objects and use the text-boxes to add a description for the diagram. You can easily customize the sample diagrams to represent various concepts related to business, engineering, academic topics, etc.

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Circular triangle diagram for PowerPoint

3D Spheres Diagram Template for PowerPoint

This 3D diagram template represents sample diagrams which look like a half peeled orange. Each sample diagram is accompanied with space for adding text so that you can create a visualization for your ideas. This diagram template can be moulded for a plethora of topics. The sphere layout comes with 3, 4 and 5 levels, with the utility to customize each level as a separate slide object.

Other than business, this template can be quite handy for presentations about space, the solar system, Earth (e.g. when explaining about Earth’s internal structure), to create infographics and the like.

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3D sphere PowerPoint template

SWOT Analysis Template Deck for PowerPoint

This is a specialized slide deck for making a SWOT analysis. There are multiple sample layouts which enable the presenter to elaborate upon the Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats in great detail, as well as to create a title slide. You can add your own icons, company logo and images to further customize this slide deck. Since this PowerPoint template has been designed with a perfect combination of various PowerPoint shapes, editing and customization is quite easy, with scope for comprehensively customizing sample slides.

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Swot analysis PowerPoint deck

Lego PowerPoint Template

As the name suggests, this is a Lego themed template with slides containing Lego objects that make up sample diagrams. These Lego objects can be used for making new designs from scratch and you can even use the default slides for making an entire presentation using Lego objects. Moreover, the Lego blocks in this template can also be recolored using PowerPoint Drawing Tools.

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Lego PowerPoint template

Gear Shapes Template for PowerPoint

With unique gear themed layouts, this slide deck features some amazing images crafted out of gear shapes. But that’s not all! The gears you see in the slides can be selected individually, which means that you can even rearrange them like puzzle pieces to form your own unique gear layouts. The default slide layouts depict a tree, human head and dollar sign made up on gear shapes. There is also sample gear clipart that you can use for making new designs.

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Gear shapes for PowerPoint

Bended Origami Hexagonal PowerPoint Diagram Template

Origami is a relaxing hobby for many people. Just like origami is the art of fashioning shapes using paper, this origami template can be used for making slides using shapes. The default diagrams are origami like hexagonal shapes, which you can use for making business diagrams and models.

While this presentation template is quite comprehensive and requires no major changes, however, you can also replace the sample icons to create new diagrams and designs according to need, as well as recolor the slides or rearrange the default shapes.

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Bended origami hexagonal shape template for PowerPoint

Horizontal Shelves PowerPoint Infographics Template

Infographics are always a great way of making good use of your data and ideas to reflect content in a manner that is easy to understand for an audience. This infographic template for PowerPoint gives slide layouts designed like horizontal shelves which come with placeholders for adding explanatory text and icons.

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Horizontal steps with 3D columns for PowerPoint

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