Animated Business Silhouette Company Profile PowerPoint Template

One of the less common design methods for making business presentations is by using silhouettes. Presentation templates with silhouettes can be used for conveying a number of messages using symbolic imagery as PowerPoint backgrounds. The imagery can be further enhanced with various layout elements placed across sample slides. Animated Business Silhouette Company Profile PowerPoint Template is a deck for making elegant looking profiles for your company.

Make Your Content Stand Out Using Fewer Colors

You can replace the sample black and white image on the cover slide. As is the case with readymade PowerPoint templates, you can add a title and introduce your topic using placeholders. What makes this template stand out is the use of only a few colorful slide elements in each slide with a lot of empty space in grey or black color. This is to make your added content prominent during a presentation.

Animated business silhouette company profile PowerPoint template

Elegantly Designed Silhouette Slides

There are slides which can be used for discussing your company, services, projects, etc. You will find a number of handy illustrations in slides that follow the initial introductory sample slides.

Elegantly designed silhouette slides

Animated Slides with Business Diagrams

There are a number of slides for making business diagrams such as a SWOT analysis, roadmap, ricing table, product flow diagram and infographics. You can tailor the given sample slides to your needs for making something that goes best with your presentation style.

Business slides and colorful infographics

There are over 20 slides in the template, with the last one providing a link to a tutorial that shows how to customize the animated slides. The animations are pre-defined in the template. Once you fill the slides and play your deck as a slideshow, they will automatically play your slides in animated format. These animations help to load the content gradually, as you click a mouse, arrow key on your keyboard or a presentation remote.

SWOT analysis for a company profile

The animations in this template can help add visual appeal and enable you as a presenter to explain your topic by revealing important information in bits.

Creative flowchart slide design

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