Animated Free Flow Lines PowerPoint Template

When making a presentation, what most presenters would like to have is flow. Since making slides can be confusing when you don’t really know where to begin from and when to end your deck. The Animated Free Flow Lines PowerPoint Template aims to give presenters a bit of flow. With readymade templates and useful layouts, you can design your presentation in a sequence using sample layouts.

Minimalist Layouts to Help You Get Some Flow

The template has a minimalist look, with a lot of whitespace making up much of the theme. The start of the template gives a simple layout for introducing yourself and your topic, with just a few graphical elements to add some visual appeal. The slides that follow are meant to give presenters a flow, by introducing themselves or their company, the team, the mission and vision of the organization and so on.

Animated free flow lines PowerPoint template

When introducing your team or company’s values, you can add relevant pictures by replacing the sample images. This can be easily done using the right-click menu to change the default pictures from your device or online sources.

Introduce your company values in a PowerPoint

Create Charts and Show Trends with a Flow of Information

There are a number of chart and infographic layouts to help you present your trends in a flow. You can easily select and edit the slide elements to showcase your trends, forecasts or other important metrics using visually appealing designs. The default color for these visualizations is blue. However, you can also pick a different color in PowerPoint that might go with your company branding.

Blue chart with editable objects

The sample layouts give a number of interesting layout options, including a stacked diagram and bar charts. These come with sample icons related to popular concepts that can be handy for adding some visual aids to your slide deck.

Stacked diagram slide

You can learn more about this premium template and download it via the link below.

Go to Presenter Media – Animated Free Flow Lines PowerPoint Template

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