Free RACI Chart Template For Excel (REDIRECTED)

A project manager’s task, in essence, is to get things done. Project management requires thorough and careful planning and close attention to details as the tasks get accomplished one by one. Project management is part of many business activities and is an important key in many operations.

One of the tools for project management is the RACI Chart. RACI stands for Responsible, Accountable, Consulted and Informed, which are key responsibilities of projects and business processes. A RACI is also known as a responsibility assignment matrix (RAM) or a linear responsibility chart. This chart defines the roles and tasks that need to be accomplished.

Easily Create a RACI Chart for Project Management

Create RACI Charts in Excel

The Free RACI Chart Template for Excel is a professionally designed template that you can use for project management to assign tasks and deliverables. With this RACI Chart Template, you can track deliverables of various members of your team in a project or business process to help keep your project organized.

Assign Tasks and Manage Multiple Projects Simultaneously

RACI helps a team to understand who is responsible for what.  A RACI Chart is also known as a RACI Matrix and it clarifies roles and responsibilities, making sure that nothing falls through the cracks.  RACI charts also eliminate duplicate efforts and confusion by assigning clear ownership for each task or decision.

RACI contains key responsibility roles that are reflected in the template. The “R” stands for the one who does the task or step in the project; “A” is the one accountable for ensuring that the task or step is done correctly and completely; “C” stands for the person consulted, which are typically subject matter experts or specialists; and “I” stand for those who are informed of the completion of the step and are updated of the progress. Some variants include the S letter, to form the RASCI concept instead.

The RACI template lets the project manager know which steps and roles have been assigned. This template conveniently lets you know if A and R have not been assigned by highlighting it so anyone can clearly see if the process is still yet to be done or assigned.

Easily Track Role Assignments in Projects or Business Processes

The RACI Chart Template contains tables for each project. You can write a Project Title and the Procedure, Department, and Date Updated. Under this is another table that contains columns for the Step, Description, and Entities. The Entities are columns where you mark R, A, C, and/or I.

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