Animated Next Generation PowerPoint Template

Animated Next Generation PowerPoint Template is an education-themed presentation deck with imagery consisting of students and graduates celebrating their educational achievements. The images and slide elements in the template are replaceable. This gives the presenter ample scope to use the template to suit their branding and other presentation requirements.

Customizable Education Themed Slides

There are 15 slides in this PowerPoint template. You can pick and choose the slides that go best with your topic and use them according to your need. This also means that you can duplicate slides or edit specific elements using drag and drop or the Ribbon menu.

Animated next generation PowerPoint template

Animations that Make Content Memorable

You can use the different layouts to create comparisons or infographics, present data, design a picture collage, or simply explain bullet points with animated slide elements that load each point when triggered. The animations are set in a manner that they reveal content on mouse-click or when you hit the clicker or keyboard arrow keys. The content is loaded as you proceed with your topic, making it easier for the audience to grasp your slides using a format that breaks down key information.

Editable next generation slide design

The breakdown of the information in a systematic manner by using animations can also help make your content memorable. Since the audience can view the subtopics and their content gradually onscreen, rather than being visually confused due to a lot of information suddenly revealed without any easily identifiable pattern.

Educational animations in PowerPoint

Use Presentation Deck for Various Topics

Other than education, you can also customize the slides to create business presentations or cover other types of topics by replacing the given images. The general theme of the presentation depicts education, youth, and progress with symbolic imagery. Replacing the images and a bit of tweaking can allow you to design slides specific to your topic.

Tablet mockup slide design

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