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Seasonal Sales Chart Template For Excel


As a company involved in selling products or services, your lifeblood depends on how effective your sales team is. You have to always be abreast on their performance over time and the tools they use to pitch and close a sale. However, you can’t always effectively sell your products or services, as seasons can also dictate …

Best PowerPoint Templates & Diagrams With Editable Shapes

Many of the fancy looking premium PowerPoint templates that are provided by various developers often make good use of shapes. However, many a times these shapes don’t come in editable form, which makes the utility of these templates quite limited. This includes both premium and free PowerPoint templates which offer diagrams consisting of shapes. We …

Free Company Newsletter Template For Word

Many small and medium size businesses require printing newsletters or making digital copies to disseminate news about the company. However, not everyone has the budget to spend a fortune on getting newsletters designed by a professional graphic designer. The Free Company Newsletter Template for Word gives a standard layout which can help you create printable …

Free Business Brainstorming PowerPoint Template

There are some topics for which a PowerPoint template is difficult to find and brainstorming sessions fit the bill. Free Business Brainstorming PowerPoint Template gives a minimalist layout which does something that very few PowerPoint templates do; it provides a step by step blueprint to help you conduct brainstorming sessions.

Animated Puzzle Piece Template For PowerPoint

One method of making ordinary business diagrams more interesting is to give diagram elements the shape of puzzle pieces. Unfortunately, doing that on your own can be difficult; the good news is we have a puzzle piece template that can help you build jigsaw puzzle like business diagrams.

Animated SWOT Analysis Template For PowerPoint

A SWOT analysis is one of the most common type of evaluations used to measure a company’s strengths and opportunities against weaknesses and threats which might affect short-term and long-term prospects. In a previous post we extensively covered what a SWOT analysis is and we have also reviewed a number of SWOT Analysis Templates for PowerPoint. …

Employee Training PowerPoint Template


It’s not just your customers that you have to impress when you make a presentation. You may also need to create presentations for your prospective employees or new hires, and you have to give them a good impression about your company as well. One of the first ways a newly-hired employee gets to know more …

Business Organizational Heirarchy PowerPoint Template


Creating an organizational hierarchy is a must for every company, as this shows the chain of command and responsibility. However, it is not enough for you to just have an organizational hierarchy for your company, you have to also display this in your office or as presentation of your company profile.

Animated Urban Info PowerPoint Template

Urban themed presentation templates are all too common nowadays as they provide city landscape and building illustrations that are suitable backgrounds for presentations about business, city life, real estate, etc. This kind of templates are most suitable for people engaged in various professions, who might require presenting presentations before clients and senior management.

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