Animated Mobile Online Shopping PowerPoint Template

E-commerce has picked up exponentially in the era of COVID-19. But it’s not just e-commerce but m-commerce that seems to be making waves in the world of digital shopping carts and home delivery services. Animated Mobile Online Shopping PowerPoint Template captures this aspect of online shopping with easy to edit digital shopping slide designs.

Animated mobile online shopping PowerPoint template

Customize Slides and Elements for M-Commerce Presentations

Different slides in this template provide layouts for designing slides related to mobile shopping. Since the elements in these slides are editable, you can easily replace or remove them. Moreover, you can also edit the sample layouts to incorporate company branding. The text in the sample slides can be edited to give a suitable narrative according to your presentation topic.

Shopping cart slide design

Create Slides with Comparisons, Trends and Forecasts

A major part of online services is to understand the customer journey. And ensure that customers are easily able to find your products. You can create comparisons, trends and forecasts by using the different slide layouts to present actionable data. This can help you make slides that can be used for planning sales ahead and to pitch new ideas for improved sales.

Ecommerce comparison chart

The slides come with generic designs, making them not only suitable for creating infographics but also project timelines. How you customize a specific slide to gel with your narrative is entirely up to you. The slides give ample space and a number of handy placeholders to make your job easy.

Compare sales patterns

The clipart images in the sample slides can be copied or selected individually. This can help you create new slides or edit the sample ones to expand your topic according to need.

Online shopping presentation design

The below link points towards the product page where you can preview and download the template. If you’re looking for similar templates, you might also be interested in our reviews of these Animated E-Commerce PowerPoint Templates.

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