Free Animated Picture List For PowerPoint With Colorful Tabs

Last updated on April 1st, 2024

Free Animated Picture List Template for PowerPoint is an animated single slide template which reveals five animated tabs in animated form. As this is an animated template, each tab is revealed one by one. This makes it more than a common SmartArt picture list template as you can present each part of your list systematically, revealing up to five or more parts of the animated list.

Animated Picture List

In case you are new to SmartArt graphics, you can take a look at our SmartArt tutorials or see this tutorial about how to use SmartArt Picture lists. This is a fairly easy to use template where you can add text, replace sample images an even change the diagram type using PowerPoint, especially SmartArt Tools.

Animated picture slide template

As an alternative to SmartArt in PowerPoint, there are many new websites providing similar tools and capabilities. One of these tools is Smart Diagram.

Change SmartArt Design and Diagram

You can not only change the color of the sample SmartArt Diagram but also change the diagram type by going to Design tab via SmartArt Tools. You can also convert this SmartArt list in 3D format by picking a style via Design -> Smart Styles. Similarly, you can use the Change Colors menu to change the default colors of the picture listand pick various layouts using the layouts menu in the Design tab.

Free animated picture list template for PowerPoint

Edit Default Animations

Even if you change the diagram type from a picture list to another type of SmartArt diagram, the diagram will still play out in animated form by revealing each part of the list one by one. In case you intend to edit the default animations, go to the Animations tab and click the Animation Pane option. From here, you can remove default animations and use the various menus from the Animations tab to insert your own animations.

Change default picture list animations

You can download this free template from the direct link provided below. If you want to make your SmartArt graphics more engaging, you can learn how to animate SmartArt graphics in PowerPoint. We have prepared a dedicated article for that purpose. Also see our reviews of other SmartArt templates. Alternatively, if you are looking for complete presentation templates and slide deck, you can check the best backgrounds for presentation, or learn more about other resources online and websites like Slide Carnival or SlideHunter.

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