Picture Over Watercolor PowerPoint Theme

To make a rather drab presentation interesting, it is important that you make use of different slide designs and layouts. While there are many PowerPoint templates with ready-made slides and organized layouts for making comprehensive presentations, you can also insert slides from single slide templates to your existing presentation.

Animated Travel Time PowerPoint Template

Holiday, vacations and tourism related presentations often have very rudimentary backgrounds which end up overpowering the text, instead of complementing it. We have previously covered some finely crafted Travel templates for PowerPoint that don’t come with this flaw. This time we have yet another professionally designed travel related template that you can use for travel …

Animated Aboriginal Artwork PowerPoint Template

The Animated Aboriginal Artwork PowerPoint Template brings a unique slide set with a blend of aboriginal culture. Perfect for presentations about art and culture, this animated template contains a set of both animated and static slides which can be customized to suit a plethora of presentation topics.

Nature Presentation Template For PowerPoint 2013

Nothing speaks serenity, calmness and pure beauty than nature itself. Echo the wonders of nature with this nature-inspired PowerPoint presentation template. This template evokes a whimsical, artistic charm brought about by colors found in the environment. 

Create Amazing Spreadsheet Paintings With Excel Painter Template

Create Paintings on Your Spreadsheet

There is more to Microsoft Excel than numbers, formula, charts, graphs, SmartArt, and endless cells and grids. Apparently, more and more people are using Excel worksheets as a canvas; making painting in Excel an art form in itself.