Create Amazing Spreadsheet Paintings With Excel Painter Template

There is more to Microsoft Excel than numbers, formula, charts, graphs, SmartArt, and endless cells and grids. Apparently, more and more people are using Excel worksheets as a canvas; making painting in Excel an art form in itself. 

free excel painter template

Many people try to avoid the headache-inducing Excel but when you find out that you can actually create amazing spreadsheet paintings with the Excel Painter Template. With the Excel Painter Template available for Excel 2013, with backward compatibility to earlier versions, you can create images, saving you money and making Excel worksheets more fun.

Create Paintings on Your Spreadsheet

Create Art in Excel

Without using design software that tend to be so much more expensive, you can create images and artwork using the cells, or grids, in Excel. The Excel Painter Template contains resized cells that are like grids resembling that of many visual and graphic artists work with. It serves as your canvas, allowing you to draw and paint anything that comes to mind.

Let Your Creativity Come Out in Excel

Your color palette and brush would be your Excel Painter. This serves as your toolbox where you can select a size of the cells you want to work with in your canvas. The smaller the cell size, the finer the image. This acts as the pixels of your painting.

Be Creative With Excel Painter

This Excel Painter Template also allows you to choose Color Themes that provides a set of pre-made colors. Color themes include the default Office and, to name some, Adjacency, Apex, Horizon, Oriel, Pushpin, Solstice, and more. Each of these color themes have unique and complementing colors that you can use to set a mood to your artwork. You can also choose from a set of Standard Colors, or create a set of Custom Colors on your own.

Aside from solid colors, you can also choose from a wide array of Overlay Patterns to add more dimension and effects to your Excel artwork. You can choose from several sizes of dots, different types of stripes, and other patterns.

Select from Various Color Themes

From simple shapes and objects to landscapes and portraits, you can create your own masterpiece using Excel Painter and prove to your friends that there is more to the spreadsheet application than just numbers.

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