Picture Over Watercolor PowerPoint Theme

To make a rather drab presentation interesting, it is important that you make use of different slide designs and layouts. While there are many PowerPoint templates with ready-made slides and organized layouts for making comprehensive presentations, you can also insert slides from single slide templates to your existing presentation.


Inject Some Art into Your Slides

The Picture over Watercolor PowerPoint Theme is a single slide template that you can use to spruce up any presentation. This template has an artistic theme and is great for many kinds of slideshows, for topics ranging from art to photography, and even to something more corporate such as sales pitches.

The template features an abstract watercolor background that is rather dark, with black, purple, blue and hints of red. This perfectly sets off the sample photo, which looks like a cellar or an architectural feature.

As a general-purpose slide template, you can easily insert this standalone slide to all kinds of presentations, as this can greatly improve the appeal of your slideshow. This is because you can emphasize your points with text and accompanying images using this slide. You can also duplicate this picture over watercolor slide template and showcase your products, photos, artwork, or other images in your presentation.


Easily Customize to Suit Your Needs

By clicking on the image and deleting it, then replacing it with your own images offline from your computer or from images online, you can personalize the slide. You can also customize the image by editing it and adding effects. Furthermore, you can also use the watercolor background as your very own presentation theme by duplicating the slide and deleting the image and creating your different layouts.


You can upload this to your OneDrive and modify it straight from your Microsoft account whenever you need a beautiful and easy-to-customize yet artistic-looking presentations.

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