Nature Presentation Template For PowerPoint 2013

Nothing speaks serenity, calmness and pure beauty than nature itself. Echo the wonders of nature with this nature-inspired PowerPoint presentation template. This template evokes a whimsical, artistic charm brought about by colors found in the environment. 

This Nature Presentation Template for PowerPoint features rolling green hills, trees in orange, purple and green, as well as a clear blue sky, all serving as a backdrop for a presentation. Much like this template, there are also other nature-inspired templates, such as our Free Nature PowerPoint Slide Designs.


Nature Illustrated for Many Purpose

This Nature Presentation Template for PowerPoint can be used for a wide variety of presentation subjects. It is artistic yet professional-looking enough for even corporate presentations. The main theme of the presentation template makes it look like a landscape painting, with different shades of colors in every object in the backdrop.


It can be used for fundraising presentations concerning environmental causes. It can also be used for vacation or travel itinerary, children-inspired presentation, school lessons, and even for a landscaping business.

Multiple Slide Layout

This Nature Presentation Template contains 13 slides that you can use as templates for presenting various sorts of information, figures, objects and images. It has a wide variety of slide layouts that you can use for your presentation, ensuring that it is well-made and creatively put together.


The presentation template has a beautifully made title page with creative font made to look like handwriting. The succeeding slides allow you to add tables, SmartArts, text and photos in the presentation. The layout is already built so all you have to do is replace the sample content with your own.

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