Animated Aboriginal Artwork PowerPoint Template

The Animated Aboriginal Artwork PowerPoint Template brings a unique slide set with a blend of aboriginal culture. Perfect for presentations about art and culture, this animated template contains a set of both animated and static slides which can be customized to suit a plethora of presentation topics.

This PowerPoint Template starts off with a minimalist look, with a slide that contains texture resembling aboriginal art, with placeholders for adding your own slide title and subtitle.

Animated Aboriginal artwork PowerPoint template

Diverse Slide Layouts With Aboriginal Artwork Designs

The sample layouts in this template provide ample scope for making different types of slides, such as slides with bullet points, picture slides, chart slides and text-heavy slides with some interesting designs.

Aboriginal artwork slide design

Create Presentations About Arts and Native Australian Culture

This template can be quite useful for getting your audience in the right mood when presenting information about the native Australian culture or topics related to artwork. You can make use of the sample chart slide to depict essential data with the aid of a beautiful layout which resonates the Indigenous Australian art.

Native Australian artwork chart

Aboriginal Art Clipart

The template also features aboriginal artwork clipart that can be used across not only the sample slides of this template but also the new slides which you might create for your presentation. You can use these clipart images by copying them from the sample slide and also edit them via PowerPoint Drawing Tools. As these are high quality clipart images, you can easily resize them via drag and drop without worrying about any significant loss in quality.

Aboriginal art clipart

Suitable for Arts, Tourism, Culture and Travel Presentations

The template is also perfect for making presentations regarding other cultures, where you can use some of the slides from this template and others from other Culture Themed PowerPoint Templates. Hence, you can mix and mash the slides in this template with other slide designs or use it for the entire presentation, as it is fully capable of being a comprehensive template for making presentations about travel, arts, tourism, culture and a range of other topics.

Native Australian culture

Animated Aboriginal Artwork is available for the below mentioned presentation applications:

  • PowerPoint (PC and Mac OS)
  • Keynote (iPad and Mac OS)

Go to Presenter Media – Animated Aboriginal Artwork Template (Standard Version)

Go to Presenter Media – Animated Aboriginal Artwork Template (Widescreen Version)

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