Animated Artistic Deco PowerPoint Template

Art Deco is a style that was first seen in pre-WWI France. Art Deco has been used for jewelry, furniture, buildings, cars, fashion and in movie theaters. The style has been associated with luxury and glamour. For making presentations related to visual arts, cinema, luxurious products, event slideshows and other things that reflect exuberance, the Animated Artistic Deco PowerPoint Template can be a good match to your content.

artistic deco powerpoint template

Pattern Nouveau Slides

The template has a rather simple backdrop. With a black background the presentation template reveals gold like lines across slides, with space for adding text in golden and white color. The slide design makes good use of pattern nouveau and the slides are legible due to the well-matched color tones of the slide designs.

pattern nouveau

Animated Vintage Slide Designs

The sample pictures can be replaced with your own, amidst a layout which appears like a vintage artistic design. Whether you’re running a slideshow of your product or service or showing event highlights, the picture-based sample slides can help you reveal your pictures in animated form, with a beautiful collage layout.

art deco slides

Create Attention Grabbing Presentations

The template contains nine slides and uses animations and transitions to reveal slides and slide content. You can use these to your advantage to reveal your information using these artistic slide layouts, transitions and animations to create content that can attract the audience. Since the slide design is quite novel, it can help attract the audience and direct them to the center of the slides towards your content.

artistic collage

There are two versions of this template available, each for PC and Mac. The PC version works with PowerPoint 2007-2019, whereas the Mac version works with PowerPoint 2011-2019. As is the case with PresenterMedia templates, you can also preview slides from the download page.

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