Convert Documents Online with Doocu

With Doocu you can easily convert documents online and share with your colleagues. This is a simple web app to convert, upload and share documents. Unlike other common services, Doocu allows you to upload images or even Microsoft Office files (Word, Excel, PowerPoint presentations .ppt files) and automatically convert them into PDF (Adobe Portable Document Format).

Additionally, Doocu let you share PDF online privately or publicly, for example if you want to embed your PDF form any web page. You can share your PDF online with excellent features.

Once you register for free you can access the dashboard. Here you can upload new PDF files or browse your own presentations. Also you can browse PDF files shared by other people and join groups based on your interests. Joining groups is a great way to communicate and share your interests with other members of Doocu.

Definitely, Doocu is another tool that you may consider as an alternative to other great presentation sharing websites like and AuthorStream.

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