Storylines: Interactive Free iOS Game Of Telephone With Pictures

Sometimes the most unusual games can be a lot of fun to play. While action and strategy games can be fun, occasionally one may want something more down to earth. StoryLines is an interactive game of telephone with pictures which is available both as a web and iOS app. To play this game, you will have to begin a Storyline with a saying, which is further enhanced by a friend by illustrating that saying in the form of a picture that he/she must draw. After that, another friend titles that drawing but is unable to see the original saying. This is followed by another title, and the game goes on. It’s like making your own storyline in the form of different PowerPoint slides, while collaborating with friends. Storyline is ideal for small children and when you are looking to pass some time with your friends and family members.


Start Your Story From A Browser Or iDevice

StoryLines can be played either from a supported web browser or an iDevice. Currently, StoryLines does not support Firefox and only works with Safari, Chrome, or Internet Explorer. To begin your story, start with a saying and let your friend draw to illustrate it. If you are using a web browser, you can login via a Facebook, Twitter, Google or Temporary account.

StoryLines  Web App

This way, you can collaborate with friends to build a story and see how the storyline eventually turns out. Each part of the story will be illustrated through different pages like PowerPoint slides.

Create Your Story

Create Your Storyline On iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch

Similarly, you can use the iOS version of StoryLines to build your story with friends using an iPhone, iPod touch or iPad device. when making your story, you can use the Clear, Undo, OK options and the Pencil tool to create images that illustrate the saying.

Draw a Story

StoryLines is compatible with iDevices running iOS version 5.0 or later. you can play this game on your desktop computer or laptop by launching the web app via Chrome, Safari or Internet Explorer.

Go to StoryLines (Web App)

Go to Download StoryLines (iOS)

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