How To Preview Files On Mouse Hover in SharePoint 2010

Looking for an easy way of finding and previewing files in SharePoint? We have just the tool for you! SharePoint Document Preview 2010 provides a graphical preview for various documents in SharePoint, including documents from the MS Office suite (e.g. MS Word, PowerPoint and Excel files). If you find it hard to locate documents in SharePoint due to the hundreds of files scattered across various sections, then SharePoint Document Preview can help you to quickly search, identify and preview your documents. Furthermore, there is also no requirement for opening each document individually as you can simply hover your mouse to open a document in Preview Mode.

Preview MS Office And Other File Types in SharePoint

SharePoint Document Preview is an ideal tool for previewing your documents in SharePoint 2010 because it comes with an easy to use mechanism and provides the utility to view a wide range of file types in SharePoint 2010. Simply click the Magnify icon next to the file that you wish to view and a preview will open in a pop-up. This way, you can avoid opening each file individually and quickly locate the right file that you are trying to find.

SharePoint 2010 Websio Document Preview

Navigate The Document Right From Preview Mode

If you think that the document preview is inadequate, click the Magnifying Glass (next to the document name) and a comprehensive preview will pop-up. This preview will be more clear the the one you will get on mouse hover, as clicking the icon next to the document name brings forward a complete preview of the document with navigation options to move between the various pages of the file.

Navigate Document in Preview Mode

Search And Preview SharePoint Files With Ease

SharePoint Document Preview 2010 integrates document preview within your SharePoint libraries and your search results. This means that you can search and preview documents within SharePoint with ease.

SharePoint Document Search

Support For Wide Range Of File Types

SharePoint Document Preview 2010 supports preview for a wide range of files types including; Microsoft Word (Doc, Docx, Docm, Dotx, Dotm and Dot), Rich Text Format files (RTF), Single File Web Pages (MHT, and MHTML), Microsoft Excel (XLS, XLT, XLSX, XLSM, XLTX, XTM and CSV), MS PowerPoint (PPTX and PPTM), PDF, TXT, MSG, XML, Microsoft Visio (VSD and VDX), Image (BMP, JPG, PNG, ICO, PSD, Tiff, GIF, EXIF and EMF), etc.

Supported File Formats

SharePoint Document Preview Demo

To see the features of SharePoint 2010 Document Preview in action, check out the video given below.

You can download SharePoint Document Preview 2010 software and documentation from the link given below.

Go to Download SharePoint Document Preview 2010

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