Animated Ocean PowerPoint Templates

The Ocean can be used in presentation slides in multiple ways, be it in the form of storyboards, for adding some mystery to your slides or related to topics like travel and tourism, summer vacations, the environment, global warming, etc.

Animated Fairy Rain PowerPoint Template

Fairytales, PowerPoint storyboards and presentations related to inspirational topics can be made interesting by using unconventional slide designs and imagery which might instill feelings of hope.

Animated Lighthouse PowerPoint Template

The Animated Lighthouse PowerPoint Template is a video background template with a customizable animation of a lighthouse amidst fog at sea. This animation can help you add an element of mystery to your slides and is perfect for making PowerPoint storyboards, children’s presentations, as well as presentations related to the ocean or sea, marine life, …

Animated Fairy Tale PowerPoint Template

Fairy Tale Book is the name for a customizable video animation that can be downloaded as a PowerPoint template and also in video formats like Flash, WMV and MOV. This template depicts a fairy tale book opening up a world of magic and wonder.

StoryBoardThat: Drag & Drop Images To Create Animated Storyboards

There are many people who wish to incorporate fancy graphics and animations in their presentations and personal projects, however, they have no idea how to create animated content. Moreover, even if they know how to use PowerPoint animations, they wish to excel beyond that to deliver something special. Luckily, there are services like PowToon that …

Animated Comic Template For PowerPoint Presentations

Presenters who wish to amaze their audience with novel ideas can try their hands on a lot of things that can make their content attention grabbing. For example, they can use animations, interesting clipart items and even design slides like comic strips. Your Comic Frame PowerPoint Template offers all that and more to help you …

Make Your Presentation Flow Like A Story

Whether the objective of your presentation is to educate an audience or persuade them, mere depiction of facts and figures serves only half the purpose or even less than that. Because getting into the skin of a good presenter so as to deliver an interesting presentation is never going to be that easy. Besides the …

Best Story Map Templates For PowerPoint

Making storyboards in PowerPoint can be a lot of fun. Storyboards can be used for making slides for teaching children important concepts in the form of a story, as well as for professional scripts, presentations and for mapping out ideas for a story. The only problem with making storyboards or story maps is that it …

Best Storyboard Templates For PowerPoint

PowerPoint is not just a presentation tool (so to speak), as one of its very interesting uses can also be as a storyboard. Back in the day kindergarten teachers or parents used to come up with random stories to keep children busy, however, this can now easily be done using PowerPoint Storyboard Templates. A Free Story Starter Generation Tool for Writers

If you are a writer you might have heard of the ‘Writer’s block’, which is a condition faced by writers where they are unable to produce content. This can often happen not only due to fatigue or when you have a stressed mind but rather when you seem to run out of ideas. In such …