Animated Fairy Rain PowerPoint Template

Fairytales, PowerPoint storyboards and presentations related to inspirational topics can be made interesting by using unconventional slide designs and imagery which might instill feelings of hope.

Animated Fairy Tale PowerPoint Template

Fairy Tale Book is the name for a customizable video animation that can be downloaded as a PowerPoint template and also in video formats like Flash, WMV and MOV. This template depicts a fairy tale book opening up a world of magic and wonder.

StoryBoardThat: Drag & Drop Images To Create Animated Storyboards

There are many people who wish to incorporate fancy graphics and animations in their presentations and personal projects, however, they have no idea how to create animated content. Moreover, even if they know how to use PowerPoint animations, they wish to excel beyond that to deliver something special. Luckily, there are services like PowToon that … A Free Story Starter Generation Tool for Writers

If you are a writer you might have heard of the ‘Writer’s block’, which is a condition faced by writers where they are unable to produce content. This can often happen not only due to fatigue or when you have a stressed mind but rather when you seem to run out of ideas. In such …

Storylines: Interactive Free iOS Game Of Telephone With Pictures

Sometimes the most unusual games can be a lot of fun to play. While action and strategy games can be fun, occasionally one may want something more down to earth. StoryLines is an interactive game of telephone with pictures which is available both as a web and iOS app. To play this game, you will …

Make a Wall and Tell a Story with

Did you hear about Pixt? Pixt is a new online service that allows users to create their own wall where they can share content, pictures, videos, music etc with their friends and family. Pixt walls are real time and collaborative allowing users to collect photographs, videos and content from different sources including hard drives, linked …