SMK-Link RemotePoint Global Presenter for PowerPoint presentations

Are you familiar with presentation tool generally used for giving PowerPoint presentations? Aren’t you the victim of that embarrassing moment, when you are standing in front of a huge gathering to give presentation and someone hand over you a remote looking thing. And unknowingly you reached at last page of your presentation? Then you had to go back to your computer to start it again. This can take you out of your mood to give presentation.

SMK-Link RemotePoint Global Presenter powerpoint 2010 presentations

But, do you know? Once you get familiar with is this presenting tool, you will become more confident to give presentation. Features of this amazing tool are excellent and are useful enough to make you stand and present comfortably in front of audience. But the thing is you must be familiar with its working and operation.

Few of its features are, dedicated push button for reviewing slides, laser point, and 360-degree mouse control. Moreover, it is accessible from the distance of 100-foot, means you are free to interact with your audience in any way. And installation, just insert plug in USB and it’s done.

Here, we are discussing few more features that can be considered as its advantages as well. Like:

Bright laser beam:

This is a sort of very interesting and helpful feature, because no matter where you are standing in the room, but its bright beam helps you to point certain thing significantly.

Mouse eraser head in the center:

Yes, if you want to open any link in your presentation, you don’t need to walk to computer, this slow speed mouse is enough to do this task, but if you find it too slow adjust its speed from control panel.

Ease of access:

When you will use it, you will find it quite easy to access as it has nicely fitted push buttons and you do not need to look down where are the buttons.

So, these were few of the important features of SMK-Link RemotePoint Global Presenter, but once you use it you will find a lot more.

Product review:

Usually, I present to large groups almost every day, and the day from which I have started giving presentation using SMK-Link RemotePoint Global Presenter, I am feeling quite comfortable and it is helping me a lot to focus on my audience and the message, I deliver. Now, I don’t stick to a particular place or I don’t rush to board again and again to specify a certain point, just point laser beam toward that, that’s it.

Best thing about this product is its compatibility with PC and Mac. It’s completely awesome; you can say this is the product I was actually looking for.

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