Remote Control

Using Bomgar to Present Your PowerPoint Slides Remotely


Bomgar is a remote assistance software which provides the utility for administrators to connect to remote computers, tablets and smartphones to provide instant tech support. While Bomgar is by and large a remote support and remote assistance software, it also has a lot of utility for presenters, including a presentation-only interface.

AIO Remote: Control Your Computer & PowerPoint Presentations With Android

You might have used Android apps which allow you to convert your mobile device into a remote for PowerPoint. However, what if there was an app which not only enabled you to control your presentations but your entire computer? What if that app was compatible with Windows, Mac and Linux computers and even other Android …

DinoFire Wireless Presenter With Red Laser For Professional Presentations in 2016

Wireless presentation remotes are a necessity when you are presenting professional presentations. This is because you can’t expect to walk back and forth to switch slides using a mouse or keyboard. Neither can you expect someone to reliably switch slides as you need them to.

Conduct Corporate Video Conferences With Lync App For iPhone And iPad

Microsoft Lync is a famous application from the Microsoft Office suite which provides some very impressive video conferencing features. Interestingly, Microsoft Lync is not just restricted to Microsoft products like Windows based operating systems, Windows 8 tablets or Windows Phone, but is also available for competitor devices; including Mac, Android, iPhone and iPad. Unlike common …

Control Presentations, Videos And Music With Gestures Using Flutter

Using hand gestures to control applications is a fun way to control your digital life. Flutter is an application for Windows and Mac which can be used to control videos, music and presentations using hand gestures before your webcam.

How To Access Your Corporate Network From Anywhere in The World?

With the increase in the ability to work from home and initiatives like BOYD (Bring Your Own Device), corporate security has become a nightmare. Furthermore, cost-cutting techniques like crowdsourcing add an extra issue of ensuring corporate security for workers who are remotely hired from another country. And if that’s not enough, bosses expect their regular …

Keyspan PR-EZ1 Easy Presenter: Presentation Remote Wireless With Laser

Keyspan PR-EZ1 Easy Presenter: Presentation Remote Wireless With Laser

Your body language and confidence level are the keys to a successful presentation. But often the handling of equipment, the need to change slides and other similar hassles bar us from demonstrating our ideas the way we have planned them. However, with the aid of presentation remotes like the Keyspan PR-EZ1 Easy Presenter Presentation Remote …

MYO: Unleash Your Inner Jedi To Control PowerPoint With Hand Gestures

You might have heard of the motion controlled remotes for various devices like the Nintendo Wiimote and the motion sensing input device for Xbox 360 known as Xbox Kinect. But what about controlling your PowerPoint presentations the same way by using hand gestures? MYO is a new gadget which lets you interact and wirelessly gesture control …

How To Conduct A Conference Call Using Microsoft Lync

Microsoft Lync is an enterprise messenger which brings a wide range of connectivity features for corporate users including the option to have conference calls, present PowerPoint presentations, as well as screen sharing, file sharing, video chat and more. In a previous post we explained What is Microsoft Lync and brought you an overview of a …