SMK-Link Wireless Stopwatch Presenter with Red Laser Point

To make presentation more streamlined people often look for such tool that allow them to present well in front of audience. What do you think, for an effective presentation what is more important after content? Way of presenting and time management, right? Yes, these two things are utter important if you want to give an effective presentation. And, presentation can’t be effectual until you don’t focus towards your audience and don;t make an eye contact with them. So, Mediator always seek for a tool that allow him to present comfortably. And SMK-Link Wireless Stopwatch Presenter with Red Laser Point, is a perfect option.

Stopwatch Presenter with Red Laser Point

It not only allow you to change slides easily and remotely, but it also gives you the facility to keep an eye on time,  so that you could manage the time properly.

Apart from these there are several other benefits also. Let’s have a brief discussion about SMK-Link Wireless Stopwatch Presenter:


The VP4560 interlink Wireless Stopwatch Presenter of SMK-Link, is a powerful  and very useful tool for every type of mediator. Here laser presenter is integrated with stopwatch having LCD display, allow presenter to mange time effectively. It bears 5 intuitive control push buttons , scroll wheel, in-built laser, accessibility  freedom from the range of almost 70 feet.

Connectivity and Compatibility

This device is completely portable and its ON/OFF Switch allow you to conserve power. Moreover, it offer connectivity to dongle also. So, you can say that it is a completely Travel friendly device. And it is compatible with any window, even Mac that too without installing any software.

Control your Presentation Remotely

5 controls to navigate Presentations are; Next page, Previous Page, Darken Screen, Switch Application and Slide show. Scroll wheel allow presenter to manipulate lengthy documents.

Backlite LCD Display

While presenting long presentation Backlite LCD display stopwatch keeps you on track and allow you to manage time efficiently and effectively.

So, if you want to be an ideal presenter, using SMK-Link Wireless Stopwatch Presenter with Red Laser Point is highly recommended.

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