DinoFire Wireless Presenter With Red Laser For Professional Presentations in 2016

Wireless presentation remotes are a necessity when you are presenting professional presentations. This is because you can’t expect to walk back and forth to switch slides using a mouse or keyboard. Neither can you expect someone to reliably switch slides as you need them to.

Livescribe 3 Smartpen For Android & iOS: Transform Handwritten Text To Digital Format

Livescribe is famous for producing digital devices and applications which make it easier for end users to turn their handwritten content to digital format. Livescribe Smartpen is a device which instantly transforms handwritten text on paper to digital format.

Conduct Polls With Live Comments Using PowerPoint With Participoll Pro

Previously we reviewed the Participoll add-in for PowerPoint which provides a range of handy options for conducting polls during Live presentations. While the basic version of Participoll enables conducting unlimited polls without any voting limits, the Pro version has some killer features that can make your presentations all the more interactive.

Participoll Add-in: Easy To Use Audience Response System For PowerPoint

When it comes to conducting polls during Live presentations the options are many. However, what method or service you might choose will depend upon multiple factors, including your preferred and required mode of gathering audience feedback, as well as your budget.

Efficiently Record Audience Responses With Triton Data Collection System

Data collection systems for audience response are of two types, one a digital medium to record and interpret data and the prehistoric method of collecting information on paper. But even digital systems and apps which offer data collection can be a bit difficult to implement. In previous posts we provided you with reviews of different …

How to Connect Apple TV to a Projector

If you know how to connect Apple TV to a projector, your presentations will demonstrate a revolutionizing change and you too will be able to feel an elevation in your presentation standards and style. There are no more entanglements with chords and wires, rather there is freedom of movement and your enunciation skills can be …

SMK-Link RemotePoint Global Presenter for PowerPoint presentations

Are you familiar with presentation tool generally used for giving PowerPoint presentations? Aren’t you the victim of that embarrassing moment, when you are standing in front of a huge gathering to give presentation and someone hand over you a remote looking thing. And unknowingly you reached at last page of your presentation? Then you had …