SlideModel Offers Free Bundle for PowerPoint Presentations

Many presenters are perhaps unaware of the difference that a premium presentation template can make in refining their presentation and making it stand out before an audience. While one might be fine with using Free PowerPoint Templates for fulfilling basic presentation needs, the use of SlideModel can not only enhance the look of your slides but also give you a plethora of customization options that you might not have thought possible.

Get Your Free PowerPoint Bundle With an Amazing Slide Set

SlideModel is offering a Free PowerPoint Slide Bundle that has been created by mashing up premium templates. This amazing slide set consists of everything from timeline slides, editable maps, useful clipart images to business class tables, charts and mind map slides.

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Business Themed Slides

This free bundle has a wide variety of business-themed slides with well-crafted slide layouts and clipart images that can help you create business-related presentations with attractive graphics. Whether you require making a SWOT Analysis, Product Lifecycle or merely require generic imagery for your business slides, this free bundle has some of the finest editable slides you are likely to come across. You can see the entire range of business-related templates at SlideModel via this catalog of Business PowerPoint Templates.

free powerpoint business slide

Customize Even The Most Basic Slide Objects

Being premium quality, these slides are perfect for making professional presentations and are highly customizable. Moreover, the given editable slides come with the flexibility of allowing you to edit even the most basic slide objects from within slides. This Product Lifecycle slide, for example, can save you hours of work in making a professional diagram, with a wide range of customization possibilities for your official presentation, to help you impress your audience.

customize even basic slide objects

Editable PowerPoint Diagrams

One of the finest features of this free bundle is the availability of some very useful PowerPoint Diagrams which can be edited for making professional models. This includes funnel and pyramid diagrams. You can also find other types of editable diagrams from these PowerPoint Diagram Templates.

free funnel diagram for powerpoint

Editable Map Slides With Extractable Sub-Maps for Major Regions

If you need editable country maps from which you can extract sub-maps for provinces and major regions of a country or a continent map from which you can highlight and customize the look of individual nations, then SlideModel is just the place to go looking for a map of your country/continent. This free bundle also features one such editable map which can help you determine the utility of using such maps and help you experience the extraordinary level of customization that these maps offer.

Also, see the complete SlideModel range of PowerPoint Map Templates.

free sweden map for powerpoint

Create Mind Maps, Timelines and Charts

There are also some slides within this free bundle that offer enough scope for using them for making PowerPoint Timelines, mind maps, tree diagrams, charts and tables.

Free tree diagram slide

Premium Templates

If you are looking for more editable templates, SlideModel offers more than 30,000 presentation designs. By becoming a paid subscriber you can get access to the entire catalog of templates and save hours of manual work.

Editable Funnel template PowerPoint

Download Free Bundle of Premium Templates with no Restrictions

This free bundle is a part of more than 30,000 PowerPoint Templates available at SlideModel with high-quality graphics and customizable designs. You can download this free bundle by signing up for a free account, without any obligations. In case you find the bundle useful, you can browse through the infinite catalog of premium templates to pick and download slide sets for making your presentations extra special. Alternatively, you can always download free presentation templates from

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