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Animated House for Sale PowerPoint Template

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The real estate business is highly competitive. As a real estate agent, you have to differentiate what makes you or your firm different from others out there. By marketing your business the right way and creating stellar listings, you can more effectively build your business and crush competition. Therefore, next time you create a house …

Ultimate Presentation Slide Bundle For PowerPoint

Regardless of what level of hierarchy you might be at the corporate ladder, the chances are you will be expected to give a presentation at some point in time. This might be anything from a mere overview of your progress on a project to a comprehensive presentation about a financial quarter or perhaps even an …

Creative Presentation Ideas For 2015

Presentations with static slides and plain backgrounds aren’t going to win you an applause, unless you are an exceptionally good presenter. As not all of us have the Steve Jobs touch when it comes to presenting our ideas, therefore, here are a few tips that can help you add a touch of creativity when presenting …

Why Use A Flat Design For Your PowerPoint Presentations?

Many websites and apps have switched to a flat design in recent years, The initial transition seemed a little odd to end users, as there no longer were 3D elements in UIs and the interface of such apps and websites seemed less attractive than the glossy three dimensional designs we were used to. However, be …

Design A Continuous Improvement Model Diagram in PowerPoint For PDCA Presentations

A few decades back we saw the rise of continuous improvement initiatives like Kaizen. Since then, continuous improvement has become a key part of corporations looking to improve their products and services.

How To Create A Hand Drawn Circular Process Diagram in PowerPoint

Circular process diagrams are used for making various types of business diagrams, economic models and for illustrating a chain of interconnected variables for depicting a process cycle.

All In One PowerPoint Bundle With 1500+ Professional Diagrams And Slides

We previously brought you a review of the PowerPoint CEO Pack by Presentation Process, which contains more than 750 slides and diagrams related to business, sales, finance, law, medicine, IT and a range of other sectors. The All-in-One Bundle for PowerPoint by Presentation Process is an even more comprehensive PowerPoint slide set, which offers more than …

How To Make 3D Battery Graphics For PowerPoint Using Shapes

3D Battery illustrations are often used in technology and business related presentations for making diagrams, charts and to elaborate different trends using visual aid. If you want to create professional looking 3D battery graphics for PowerPoint presentations, then here is a simple tutorial for you.

Product Adoption Process Curve in PowerPoint

Product Adoption Process is a five stage process which is used for identifying trends of customers regarding their adoption or rejection of a particular product. If you wish to demonstrate the five stages of this model in the form of a presentation slide, you can use the tutorial given below to understand how to construct …

How To Create Editable Filled Shapes in PowerPoint For Infographics & Slides

If you want to create infographics and charts in PowerPoint, having the know how to create filled shapes for demonstrating statistics and trends can be handy to have in your arsenal. Filled shapes are often used for making charts and to display comparisons and trends. For example, the completion status of a project might be …

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