Searching Infographics PowerPoint Template

Web based search is now a major part of billions of people around the world. According to some statistics, internet users have increased to more than 3 billion; which accounts for around 40% of the world population. This is quite amazing considering internet access in 1995 accounted for just around 1% of the world population. This also means that web searches can be an important aspect of presentation topics, ranging from presentations about SEO, SMM, sales and marketing to tourism, economics, job market, etc.

Create Infographics with Web Search Illustrations

The Searching Infographics PowerPoint Template gives slide layouts which can be used for making infographics, using graphical illustrations with a web search theme. Not only can this template make it easy for you to reveal your data in the form of attractive infographics but also enable you to touch upon internet or computer based search as a part of your presentation.

Searching infographics PowerPoint template

For example, you might want to discuss consumer buying habits using online shopping, tourism related data acquired from the web, sales and marketing information based on statistics gained from a cohort analysis or perhaps economic data regarding fluctuations in prices. Similarly, you can also incorporate topics like computers, networking, database and other IT related topics.

Search the web infographics

Quickly Create Meaningful Infographics

Over the years we have reviewed many infographic PowerPoint templates, which make it easy to create infographics, and this template is no exception. The sample slides have been designed din such a way that generating an infographic of your own is not hard at all.

Create meaningful infographics

Animations that Complement your Added Information

The infographic slides load with animations, which perfectly complement any added images and text. You can preview your changes in Slide Show mode to see how your added information gels with the default animations. The layouts are fully customizable and you can pick and choose individual slide elements to replace, copy or move.

Search infographics presentation template for PowerPoint

Search Themed Clipart

In this template you will find a plethora  of search themed clipart which can be conveniently reused according to need. You can copy and recolor these clipart images, as well as resize them.

Search themed clipart

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