US Elections Clipart For PowerPoint Presentations

For those who might require making a presentation related to the US elections at school or for a political event, some clipart can be quite useful. In the wake of the recent elections in the United States, we decided to give our fellow presenters some witty clipart images to help them make US election themed presentations in style.

US election clipart images

Political Decision Animated Clipart

For some voters deciding between the Democrats and the Republicans might be a tough choice. This animated clipart perfectly shows this dilemma. This animation depicts a stick figure looking all confused about which side to give his vote to. This animated clipart can be downloaded as a GIF or MOV file.

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Political decision animated clipart

Voting Line Ballot Box

Standing in line to vote is a common sight at elections, regardless of whichever country you may belong to. This clipart shows a queue of people standing in line to vote.

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Voting line ballot box

Vote America Clipart

This clipart depicts the American flag embedded within the word ‘Vote’ to highlight the importance of voting. You can use this patriotic clipart image for your presentations about US elections or other projects, where you might require an image tied to the US elections.

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Vote America clipart

Badge Button Your Vote Counts

To emphasize the need to vote, you can use this simple clipart which comes with the famously used term ‘your vote counts’. The image comes with red, white and blue colors of the US flag and is designed to resemble the voting badge.

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Badge button your vote counts clipart

Custom Message Square Clipart

If you want a clipart image that can send out your personal message, you can use this clipart image. Before downloading the clipart, make sure you add your custom text at the download page. This would allow you to render an election themed clipart with your personal message, in your preferred resolution.

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Custom message voting square clipart

Vote Ballot Box Insert Clipart

If you want an image which can provide you with a symbol which perfectly represents elections, then this clipart might just be what you need. This image shows a hand inserting a ballot into the vote box. This is also often the global symbol for voting; used across many countries during elections.

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Vote ballot box insert clipart

You can download a wide range of US Elections clipart, animations and PowerPoint Templates from Presenter Media.

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